About me

To me, photography isn’t just the idea of taking a good shot. It isn’t the hours in front of Lightroom in pursuit of the “perfect” edit. It’s not social media likes and follows, and it’s certainly not fame or glory. To me, photography is a journey. It’s understanding gear and what makes it right for you. It’s planning trips, utilizing technology and both second and first hand knowledge of the location and conditions. It’s driving hours just for the satisfaction of being at the top of a mountain or outlook right when golden hour hits. It’s taking the shot, using the lens that you spend hours of research on before deciding it was the right one for you. It’s being with and collaborating with friends and peers, knowing that their insights only help you take better shots. It’s the exhausting drive home, with the anticipation of both editing and sleep. It’s spending your free time trying to learn new techniques and hone your skills further. It’s all of these things together that make me passionate about pressing the shutter.

I truly hope that my images represent this passion, and I hope that they inspire you as well.